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Coronavirus (COVID-19). Advice for transplant recipients.

25 March 2020

This coronavirus advice is for individuals, of any age, who have received an organ transplant and remain on ongoing immunosuppression medication.  

Transplant units in Scotland remain open at present and are trying as best they can to continue as normal, but these are exceptional times and no one knows the full impact of the developing coronavirus pandemic and its effects on us all. 

There are some medical conditions which put people at a higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Transplant recipients are a high risk group as they take immunosuppression medication which makes it difficult for their bodies to fight the virus.



The safest course of action is for you to stay at home at all times and avoid all face-to-face contact for at least twelve weeks from today, except from carers and healthcare workers who you must see as part of your medical care.  

The rest of your household need to support you to stay safe and must stringently follow guidance on social distancing, reducing their contact outside the home. 

By doing this it will help to protect you from coming into contact with the virus, which could be very dangerous for you. 

If you are worried you might have been in contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus  or if, at any point, you think you have developed symptoms of coronavirus, such as a new, continuous cough and/or high temperature (above 37.8 °C), seek clinical advice by phoning the NHS on 111.  Do this as soon as you get symptoms and make sure to let the call handler know that you have had a transplant and are taking immunosuppressants.

 You should rigorously follow the shielding advice on the NHS Inform website  


More information 

Social distancing advice can be found on the NHS Inform website 

Further information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS Inform website

Call the NHS Inform helpline on 0800 028 2816.