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Coronavirus (COVID-19). Advice for patients waiting on a transplant.

20 April 2020

 If you are on a Transplant Waiting List 

Not all people who are on a transplant waiting list will be in the ‘highest risk’ category, but the majority of waiting list patients are likely to be added to this group and so be asked to completely self-isolate for 12 weeks or more.  Some patients, such as those waiting for a lung transplant or those with severe chronic kidney disease (CKD) should have already received a letter from the Chief Medical Officer with advice on this, but others, such as those waiting for a liver, kidney or combined kidney/pancreas (SPK) transplant, are likely to receive a letter about this soon if they haven’t already.

Even if you do not receive a letter advising you that you are in the highest risk group, all people on a transplant waiting list will still be at increased risk due to their medical condition and so, while they do not need to self-isolate completely, they should follow the advice being given to those who are over 70 years old, pregnant or with a medical condition making them eligible for the flu jab.

At the moment, this means currently they should stay at home as much as possible, work from home and only go out for daily exercise once a day.  They should try to avoid going out for other reasons such as food shopping or medication unless it’s absolutely essential, and should avoid social contact with other people while they are out.  If anyone in this group has difficulties accessing food or medications, for example if they don’t have family or neighbours who can help, or if they need emotional support, there is a national helpline – 0800 111 4000 – which currently operates between 09:00 to 17:00 each day.

Please strictly follow the social distancing advice on the NHS Inform website

More information

Further information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS Inform website

Or call the NHS Inform helpline on 0800 028 2816.