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Welcome to the Renal Unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

NHS Tayside covers Dundee, Perth, Angus and North East Fife. Dialysis and clinics are provided in Ninewells, Perth, Arbroath and a clinic in Forfar. Two specialist nurses provide education on deceased/living donor transplant, dialysis and supportive care.  They attend clinics and home visits to discuss renal therapies. The nurses can supply living donor information packs which provide more information about the process and these are also  available in the local clinic. 

Referrals are accepted from the renal team, GP, other transplant centres and directly
from the donors. All donors are asked to complete a health check questionnaire and General Practitioner consent form. Once completed, the consent form is sent to the GP for past medical history.

Once returned the information is reviewed by the Transplant Co-ordinator to 
rule out any absolute contraindications.  If donation cannot proceed due to for example, history of breast cancer, the co-ordinator will contact the donor directly. Any history of mental illness or an altruistic donation psychiatric evaluation is warranted. They are seen locally by colleagues in Carseview hospital.

If satisfactory to proceed, an appointment is made usually within two weeks, with the Transplant Co-ordinator for initial investigations.  These include; blood group, tissue type, routine bloods, transplant virology, chest xray, ECG, urine for analysis, height, weight and calculate their BMI. The donor is advised to call back for their results. The donor is given information regarding reimbursement of donor expenses e.g. loss of earnings. 

Depending on the results the donor will either be:
1) Sent for further investigations
2) Referred onto another specialist
3) Appointed a responsible consultant (one of 4 Consultant nephrologists in Ninewells)
4) Reviewed by their responsible consultant

If results are normal the Transplant Co-ordinator discusses with their consultant and radiological investigations requested.  Included is a DMSA – split function test, Isotope GFR (which both provide information about kidney function), repeat bloods, urines and CT scan.

Once investigations are complete they are reviewed by the responsible consultant then referred on to the Living Donor Multidisciplinary Team in Edinburgh with their local consultant present. The Multidisciplinary Team may ask for further information or more investigations or arrange an appointment to the clinic in Edinburgh for final surgical review.


Contact the team

We are more than happy to be contacted by anybody who would like further information regarding living kidney donation using the contact details below.


Tel: 01382 633 897