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Two million

Sharing your support could be life-changing

Thanks to supporters like you, the number of people waiting for a transplant in Scotland is only 587. It’s an incredible achievement and one that shows your actions are making a difference. It’s easier than ever to help Organ Donation Scotland spread the word. If you use email, Twitter or Facebook why not lend your voice to our campaigns and help us encourage more people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register and be vocal about their wishes?

Remind family and friends

If your family and friends know your wishes they are TWICE as likely to say ‘Yes’ to donating your organs, if the times comes.

Join our community

Sharing our real-life stories, campaigns, or facts about organ donation can be a great way to encourage friends to think about organ donation. Why not become part of our community on Facebook or Twitter today?

Share your story

Has the topic of organ donation touched your life in some way? Do you have a story to share? It could help someone decide to be an organ donor too. Share it with us here. You can read our Stories of Hope here.

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