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Lily Turley

“As our hearts died, Daryl's gave life.” 

 When doctors broke the news to Lily Turley that her beloved son Daryl wouldn’t pull through, she knew she didn’t want his death to be in vain. 

Fishing fanatic Daryl, 13, was struck by a motorbike near his home and suffered severe head injuries. Doctors tried very hard to save his life, but when they called Lily and husband Davy into a private room, they both knew instantly it was terrible news.

They agreed to donate Daryl’s organs to help save the lives of others. 

As Lily remembers, “Within minutes, my husband, my older son and I had all agreed to donate his organs. After all, if someone had come to us at that moment and said there was an organ that could save Daryl, we would have jumped at the chance. It was a difficult decision – made easier by the excellent donor liaison team.”

Daryl’s heart, liver, kidneys and bowel were all transplanted, saving the lives of five others. Since his death, Lily has also found comfort after meeting one of the people whose life was saved.

At the age of just 20, Cara Hearst from Belfast was seriously ill with liver failure and was in hospital with just hours to live. She received Daryl’s liver. 

As Lily says, “Cara is my hero and I’m so glad she has made it. It’s nice to see someone who was close to death blossom. She’s now got her whole life ahead of her, and that’s the benefit of organ donation. Nothing can replace the void of losing Daryl, but it has given me a positive purpose in my life again.” 

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