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Queen of daytime TV Lorraine Kelly has urged Scots to have a wee chat about organ donation over a morning cuppa.

The TV presenter is backing the drive to get Scotland talking about organ donation, encouraging people to share their organ donation wishes with family, so they can be honoured in the event of their death.

Currently, 41 per cent of Scots are on the NHS Organ Donor Register. However figures show that over the past five years, almost two thirds (62 per cent) of people who donated their organs in Scotland weren’t on the Register at the time of death, highlighting the need for people to make their wishes known.

In Scotland, almost 600 people are desperately waiting on a lifesaving transplant, with the majority waiting on kidney transplants.

By saying the seven words ‘I’d like to be an organ donor’; up to seven lives can be saved.

Chatting over a cuppa, Lorraine said:

“I’ve had the talk about organ donation with my family, and am delighted to add my voice to the national campaign.

“With three people in the UK dying every day waiting on a life-saving organ, it’s so important people are aware of the huge difference they can make by talking through their feelings with their family and friends.

“Of course nobody wants to think about death, let alone talk about it, but it doesn’t need to be a big serious discussion. If you believe in organ donation, or have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register, simply let your family know.

“The generosity of Scotland’s organ donors has transformed the lives of so many, something we can be very proud of as a nation.  If you get a chance, please make time for that talk today.”