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Living Kidney Awareness Week 2019

Living kidney transplants have been performed in Scotland since 1960 and currently around 100 such operations are performed each year with a very high success rate.  Over 400 people in Scotland are currently waiting on a kidney transplant.

There are two routes to living kidney donation – directed donation where a friend, relative or partner donates to a loved one, or non-directed altruistic donation which involves a person donating to a stranger.

In March 2009, the first altruistic donor in Scotland gave a kidney to someone they did not know.  Since 2006, 78 people in Scotland have donated one of their kidneys to a stranger. 

A kidney from a living donor generally offers the best outcomes for patients living with kidney failure who need a transplant and a healthy person can lead a completely normal life with just one kidney.  One altruistic donor can start a ‘chain’ of transplants, meaning up to three people can receive a transplant as a result of that person’s gift.

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