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Image of donor Sally and recipient Patrica

1,500 people in Scotland have donated since first surgery in Edinburgh in 1960.

Image of Radha Sundaram

Intensive care consultant has spoken of her gratitude at having her sight restored.

Image of Elaine Laing and family

Organ Donation Week 2020 saw people across Scotland encouraged to have a conversation about organ donation to help their families honour their organ donation decision.

New law comes into effect next March.

Legislation to introduce an opt-out system of organ and tissue donation for deceased donors was passed by the Scottish Parliament in June 2019.

world kidney day image

The number of living donor transplants via the UK Living Kidney Sharing Scheme (UKLKSS) have more than doubled in Scotland, as new figures released to mark World Kidney Day show.

A ten year old boy who is living life to the full thanks to a heart valve transplant, has launched this year’s Organ Donation Week.

A transplant recipient who was able to grow his family thanks to the NHS Organ Donor Register has shared his gratitude on its 25th anniversary.

Actress Leah MacRae has backed the drive to get people talking about organ and tissue donation, as new research shows 38 per cent of people in Scotland haven’t yet had that potentially life-saving conversation.

A woman with type 1 diabetes whose life was transformed by islet transplantation has shared her story to mark World Diabetes Day.

A man who described his vision being like a paracetamol dissolved in water before a life-changing cornea transplant this year has shared his gratitude to celebrate World Sight Day.

In Scotland, latest statistics show that living kidney donor transplantation represents 38% of kidney transplant activity.

Imams engaged to help raise awareness within Muslim communities

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Human Tissue law passes Stage 3

Imagine of donor recipient Allan and donor Jennie.

A woman who donated her kidney to save a stranger’s life joined with him seven weeks after the transplant to mark World Kidney Day.

Grant Thomson altruistically donated a kidney to a stranger in February 2017.

Matthew Catlow was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2010.  I was 29 years old.  It was through a routine medical for work that my kidney failure was detected.  It was very lucky.

Living kidney transplants have been performed in Scotland since 1960 and currently around 100 such operations are performed each year with a very high success rate.  Over 400 people in Scotland are currently waiting on a kidney transplant.

The tenth anniversary of altruistic donation in Scotland was marked by one of the very first donors at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on 11 March 2019.

We know that patients can find it difficult to talk openly about their kidney disease, and that raising the subject of live donor kidney transplantation (LDKT) can seem like an insurmountable hurdle.  We know too that pat