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Inspirational living donor and recipient stories

Transplant recipient - Julie's Story
I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease aged 24, and three years later was put on the transplant waiting list.
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Father and son donation - Brian and Scott's story
I was given second chance of life in 2012 after my son donated his kidney to me.
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Altruistic donation - Susan's story
I had decided to investigate the possibility of becoming a living kidney donor after hearing about it on a radio programme in 2014.
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Father & son donation - Ross and Finlay's story
Finlay was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.
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Altruistic donation - Brian's Story
If you are interested in donating, do find out more. And just do it. It's made easy!
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Life on the transplant list - Danny's story
My story started 25 years ago when I discovered that I was only born with one kidney and I was diagnosed with IGA nephropathy.
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Transplant recipient - Emma's Story
“Because of my transplant, I have my health back and the energy to enjoy life with my husband and kids."
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