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Welcome to the Renal Unit at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary.


All potential donors from the Dumfries and Galloway area are assessed by the renal team at Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary. Altruistic donors are usually seen by Glasgow team initially. All referrals are made to the renal lead community charge nurse.

Potential living donors are sent a living donor information pack with a registration form and an initial health questionnaire.  The donor is then reviewed by the renal lead community charge nurse either at home or at the hospital. The living donor pathway is discussed, with explanations about blood group, tissue typing and the National Kidney Sharing Scheme. Risks of donation and pre and post op care are also discussed. During this first visit, bloods are taken for blood group and virtual crossmatching.

Following this visit, the donor is given an appointment to see a renal doctor for assessment. During this appointment further bloods and virology are done and cardiac tests arranged. Routine CT scan and Isotope GFR (to check kidney function) are arranged, which are usually done at Carlisle.

Once these tests are complete the donor is seen by the Glasgow Transplant Surgeon and Transplant Co-ordinators and referred for independent assessment.  Following this a transplant date is usually given in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.
Follow up for the donor is usually at Dumfries and then an annual visit at the renal unit.

Recipients are seen initially by Glasgow and Dumfries and eventually Dumfries alone unless there are any on-going issues.

Contact the team

We are more than happy to be contacted by anybody who would like further information regarding living kidney donation using the contact details below.

Tel: 01387 241 079