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Welcome to the Renal Unit, Monklands Hospital, Airdrie


Within Lanarkshire the living donor team are based at the Renal Unit, Monklands University Hospital. Potential live donors are welcome to make contact by letter phone call or email.  Following this they will receive a living donor information pack and registration form. On receipt of this, one of the transplant nurses will make arrangements for an appointment.

The first consultation involves a full clinical history as well as a discussion covering the investigations and risks involved.  If the donor wishes to proceed samples will be obtained for blood group and tissue type matching. The National Kidney Sharing Scheme is usually discussed so that the donor is aware they can still donate should the matching be unfavourable.

Preliminary investigations are carried out usually within 2 to 3 visits.  Appointments are arranged at mutually convenient times, where possible, to obtain the necessary bloods and urine samples as well as blood pressure, weight, height and ECG.  If any abnormalities are detected then this may result in further appointments being necessary.

Following these simple tests an appointment is arranged with the local nephrologist for full medical assessment including further discussion and counselling of the donor.  A full physical examination is performed and if any further investigations or specialist referrals (for example cardiology/urology) are deemed necessary these would be arranged at this stage and further follow-up arranged.

If there are no issues a chest xray and renal ultrasound would be arranged and a referral would then be made to the transplant team in Glasgow to continue investigations.

It is important to note that not all potential donors are referred to Glasgow. They may be ruled out on medical grounds early in the process or following the nephrology review. The recipient may be unfit for transplant or too unstable at present and the donor maybe put on hold until a more appropriate time.

In the case of multiple donors coming forward for one recipient, we would generally only proceed with one or two donors leaving others in the background if required. The decision on who would proceed in this instance is based on a variety of factors and usually decided with the full involvement of the donors.

Contact the team

We are more than happy to be contacted by anybody who would like further information regarding living kidney donation using the contact details below. 

Tel: 01236 712 648