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Naomi Stocks

Naomi Stocks, 30 from Edinburgh, underwent a successful liver transplant in 2004 after sustaining liver damage as a result of an unexpected illness. Her condition was so severe the first she knew of her transplant was when she woke up after her operation. The success of the transplant op gave her a new life and allowed to her to go on to have two healthy children – Zoe now aged six and baby Devon born in March 2012.

Naomi said, “Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have the life or family I have without organ donation and the NHS Organ Donor Register. By the time I got to the hospital, my condition was so critical that if a donor hadn’t been found, the outcome for me would have been so very different.

“As someone who was already a young mum of two children, I really did have everything to live for, and it’s difficult to put into words how the success of the transplant has really turned things around for me.

“Apart from having the health to sustain the pregnancies, with four children you need the energy and health to raise your family, which is something I never take for granted, even to this day.

“Although my immune system was weakened by the illness, I now work full-time and lead a normal, healthy and packed life. I put this, and of course my two youngest children, down to the success of the transplant and the NHS Organ Donor Register. Transplantation really is life changing and I would urge people to join today and talk their decision over with their loved ones.”

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