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Kevin Small

“A transplant will let me live a normal life.  I’m just desperate to get it now that dialysis has started to dictate my life.”

Semi professional footballer Kevin Small is determined not to let waiting on a transplant stop his thirst for life but the reality of life on dialysis is becoming more difficult everyday.

Four years ago the Cove Rangers player was struck down with a condition that means the 38-year-old is waiting for a kidney transplant to save his life.

When doctors told him he needed a transplant it didn’t really come as a shock, as his kidney functions had been declining. 

“In a way I was happy they were putting me on the transplant list while I was still relatively well, as I know it can sometimes take a long time.”

Kevin’s brother, dad and aunt all rallied round, offering to help.  All of them were tested to see if they could donate a kidney to him but unfortunately none of them were a suitable match.  He even had offers of help from his old teammates, but he knows that his best hope is the NHS Organ Donor Register.

As a young dad, Kevin has do doubts about what a kidney transplant would mean to him.

“I’ve got a nineteen-month-old baby,” says Kevin. “She may only be small but now that I’m on dialysis, she definitely knows something is wrong. It’s heartbreaking. I just want to be able to do everything a dad should be able to do.”

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