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Grant McCabe

“It’s really helped us to know that Grant has helped other people live.”

It’s something no family should have to go through.  But when Grant McCabe passed away suddenly from a brain haemorrhage aged just 40, his dad Brian, mum Muriel and partner Liz Walker were in no doubt what they should do.

When asked if they would allow his organs to be donated, Brian remembers: “my wife and his partner Liz agreed and so we said yes. We knew this could help other people and they wouldn’t need to go through the heartache that we were going through.  We all knew it was the right thing to do.”

Although Grant wasn’t on the NHS Organ Donor Register, Liz remembered that when she and Grant had watched a programme about organ donation, he’d told her he would donate all his organs except his eyes.

“That’s why it’s so important that people join the Register and let their family know,” says Brian. “It makes things much easier for them at such a difficult time.”

As a result of his generous donation, the dad-of-three saved six lives. And as Brian says, knowing those people are doing well is a comfort to the entire family.   

Grant’s three children, Lisa, 15, Kyle, 13, and Glen, 11, were told their dad had saved lives. They know their dad was a hero – both in life and in death.  

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