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Betty Taylor

For Betty Taylor, 2013 signals the one year anniversary of the transplant which changed her life forever.

The 67-year-old from Livingston was diagnosed with advanced liver disease and kidney problems a few years ago after severe tiredness forced her to visit her doctor.

But in March 2011, Betty was given hope that life could be different when she was put on the list for both liver and kidney transplants.

She said: “By March last year, I had become really ill. I found it incredibly difficult to eat so my weight dropped considerably and everyday it was a struggle to get out of bed. My tummy kept filling up with fluid and I had to get it drained every two weeks which meant I found it hard to take my medication too. It was a very difficult time.”

Despite a setback in July 2011 when a transplant she was called for didn’t go ahead, Betty received the happiest of New Year news when she was told that kidney and liver matches had been found for her just a few days into 2012. Both operations went well and Betty’s recovery has continued since.

She said:  “I know that my life would be completely different without my kidney and liver transplants and I am so grateful that someone made the decision to join the NHS Organ Donor Register as that decision has saved my life. I often think about my donor’s family too and how they allowed the donation to go ahead which is very humbling.

“It’s really important that you talk to your loved-ones and know what you want should the unthinkable happen. I hope that the family of my donor gets some comfort from knowing how their decision has completely transformed my life and how something good can come from a terrible situation. My life really has been saved by organ donation and I would encourage everyone to tell their families their wishes and think about signing up to the NHS Organ Donor Register now.”

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